War Flowers War Flowers (2012)

SD 99 min | 98 min Drama, History, Romance, War 289 views


It is an American Civil War movie about a woman from North Carolina ( Sarabeth Ellis ) whose husband has joined the army of Confederate States of America. While her husband is away in war, a creepy neighbor is molesting her, and her daughter. In the skirmish on the family's farm, her husband got killed, and her daughter found him. She does not tell her mother, that her father is dead from fear that her mother would not take the news to well. They also discover a gravely wounded Union soldier who is using their cellar as hide-out. Together they decide to nurse him back to health and hide him when Confederate soldiers check the house. When the Union soldier recovers, Sarabeth makes sure he reaches his army. Upon his return, he is taken as a spy. Sarabeth runs out of food and the farm is burned to the ground, and she learns that her husband is dead. Yet, she is reunited with the Union soldier, and she decides to start a new life with him and her daughter. Written by Titus Pulo Flower war - Wikipe, Aztec Flower War - Aztec Hist, Flower Power - The Famous Pictures Collect, Clevedon Flower Show Homep, Calendula - Wikipe, Flower | Disney Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wi, 70er Jahre Mode | Hippie Mode war in , Solitario Mahjong - War Mahj, War Is Hell - The Famous Pictures Collect, hippie | History, Lifestyle, & Beliefs | Britannica.,
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