Don't Go in the House Don't Go in the House (1979)

HD 82 min Horror 395 views


A slasher film about a victim of child abuse (Dan Grimaldi) who grows up to become a maniacal construction worker. He stalks women at discos, takes them home, then hangs them upside-down in a special steel-walled room and sets them on fire. Written by Ørnås Don - Wikipe, Don Johnson - I, Don Miguel Ruiz, WHO | Disease Outbreak News (DO, Learn Spanish in Spain or Latin America in don Quijote , RECUPE - Donner au lieu de jeter - Site de , http://www.mowillems.c, Marlon Brando - I, LSU Football and More! - Dandy Don’s LSU Recruiting , Don Bosco Landser | Ecole Collège Lyc,
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